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The Post Art Poetics Manifesto
The timeline of art history must be abandoned in the name of progress

Oswald Wiener, Verbesserung 
Beware. Everything that exists is outdated

Our bots are compiling and uploading hundreds of ebooks on with text stolen from the comments on YouTube videos

Literary Trojans
Until now, books were the last advertisement free refuge

Amazon deletes E-Books
demonstrating some questions about publishing in the digital age

American Psycho (Jason Huff/Mimi Cabell)
The constellations of footnoted ads throughout these pages retell the story of American Psycho in absence of the original text

Roger clinton, brother to a president and brother in law to a future president, featured in pumpkinhead 2 blood wings

TRAUMAWIEN est. 2010 was always meant to be an ephemeral space, an experimental venue where things constantly change and shift. Enigmatic and hard to define, TRAUMAWIEN does not follow the rules or fit a traditional definition. As paradoxical print publishers we remain an outsider presence. We displayed the work of emerging artists such as Audun MortensenUBERMORGEN.COM or Ulrich Nausner. In 2011, we released our own Augmented Reality software. We bootlegged Oswald Wiener's die Verbesserung von Mitteleuropa and published upfront books on conceptual writing. We completed our publication series with automated ebook systems on piracy and advertising and held industrial rave lectures all over Vienna. Since 2010 our goal was to promote, show and work without making profit. We pushed the boundaries and focused on the inseparable connection between books, art, internet, new forms of writing and reading and books and the book as object. And our prints will now become rare collectibles. Read more books. The end is only the beginning of something else… TRAUMA 2015