0:03you know sleep you
0:07in saw I'm I'm with him who opted
0:11with a this is
0:14my to me own this is me excess
0:17against Google cast yeah
0:21facing me because or the smokehouse a
0:25I'm I'm and a cast
0:28meatloaf does his mouth
0:33uses this information so %um to design
0:37think so chess and same however how it plays just dance bass
0:42things like 0 out well you think it
0:45things you think will do it I
0:49I a both yea though I was going
0:52he was a few of
0:56and so that you can yeah first solo
1:05rival month I
1:10going observing goods and
1:15first you can confuse you thanks be
1:18I'm does II votes I'm
1:22do technology stuff I terrible
1:25code I have of use of jeans designer
1:28to get without program soap
1:32yeah so from from
1:37I can't do you think 0 me which is
1:40in own and then a whole as well
1:43for this comes enough I'm over
1:47also in book publishing I'm and it's been a long time
1:51when seems very on the edges looking what was happening
1:55books as people's amusement
1:58he said few I'm
2:01and he has not been spokesman Justin
2:05everything what happens with the big deal is and fulfil objects
2:09a when they become limit
2:12First Nations on is interesting happen
2:16you can say both in the Technologies Inc ground and also
2:19your actions I'm use of them but what about how we feel about
2:24about his about I was something
2:27is still the you and thing
2:31own so this old mostly your family
2:35about things like we can just who
2:39I'm so this a
2:42this is the businesses you don't
2:46so people figure out what I'm
2:50losing the one so
3:00speech Winslow a
3:03no reliever who's right huge screw press
3:09and bustle must and
3:13this is a statement why I wasn't left who's custom
3:16professional undress as well as a the person who won
3:20I'm 12 well maybe one I'm
3:24and it is a beautiful person tells me you know this is an incredibly
3:28interesting civilization well
3:30is within the issue no in the proximal
3:33you can find out more about of I'm well
3:37whether humans first let's settle down in civilizations change from past
3:42very thought of you grain whose
3:46all over %um substances I'm
3:50with you spirits to avoid
3:53both ifutbal is as simple as that
3:56of and this is all things this is this
4:00a reconstruction to you to overuse of both
4:06using those minor you based
4:09on one from via FB
4:13MC this this process her this physical
4:17im you were
4:21isn't love stores I
4:24talk about whose PCs
4:28dull incredibly moved up
4:32I'm up it's fun
4:35millions at most a more interesting things my own way
4:38but constituency about action
4:41is interesting imprinted you first
4:44that up you have often think we have not left
4:49him my view no you don't you think you
4:53people were so do printing process
4:57and we've been talking about this
5:00says just them conspiracy hillians
5:04this but this who said you know about them I'm
5:09the justin is the point we
5:12digitizer thanks has changed but my happens we'll
5:16his above like both
5:20you something here
5:23your from into got if I'm
5:27go you digitized who have
5:32transformation from
5:35american-style the book by Houston
5:38is who mediated by you both and
5:41pressing think now is also consistent
5:45do this as people you all those over
5:49this them and confusing you think
5:52for you Association is on the of us the first
5:56any of us the process reinvestment
5:59you can find you can talk about intangible they
6:03and the digital invasion
6:06thing told you about in time think you can talk about this some other things
6:10that go full-out
6:11yet she images over
6:14is included the following up yes this
6:18people they love I'm Khalifa
6:23vendors love you lose those of us who is off
6:27you seen losing buildings
6:30animators amazing when nothing like fun
6:34the put people in who sees you
6:39people overseas you leave home phone they live in this kind of
6:44Hoffman vision of the future
6:47for unstable world we live in with
6:51friends with in disappear
6:54you know maybe maybe they do there's about me
6:57the often so views
7:00I'm a.m. quotes other
7:03fine years of
7:07I'm yeah I'm historic of unsafe
7:13season of is people look but
7:17below those of when this is over warning about it
7:20was months ago depicting this
7:25year world the the compilation of
7:29suffering of those funny
7:32legal sources are not combined with you over
7:373d design a
7:41a if
7:46with me a
7:49because these things that we build a safe
7:53burns is
7:56this I V whole a.m.
7:59you know of testing looking buildings and this is how you move so
8:03to amuse you design them yeah
8:07you think that that visible in the world we get different buildings
8:11didn't move all I'm
8:14and that's the interesting in the sand so either
8:18me my first I think about that I'm
8:21and funding for although sometimes they don't
8:25from move it
8:28some right this say world
8:32this losses following missiles to them up news
8:35area the name
8:39I to them research from work you know
8:42something about I'm
8:46moving this law offices
8:49you move in I'm
8:52I'm and also other goes million yes to that
8:58not implode good
9:04I Milton bill of
9:07people and were you
9:10superstar this company think both of personal stuff
9:15because it is a little less like is pretty ok
9:19him I i'm that if I'm
9:23and people's just about these images
9:27some point as it I
9:30oh this particular set you only
9:33school in suburban broke go out lose
9:37and it's not all those things is just loose our
9:41his own every single of also meant
9:45I'm the the house of horrors sometime in your nose
9:49and just blows were I'm and so
9:54got this all of this particular set of people
9:58and the company's myself
10:01he I you
10:04so-called white 2000 I think I'll see take Luna
10:09so you have a sexy people and
10:12no in probably in US her in the late 90s
10:16post on weekend so know what you think of folding
10:22and and and the building all over the world
10:25a you can come to and passed them some point
10:29will lenses you you see move
10:32where you fall over you first contacted him
10:36placed into the network and he not
10:39I keep being take us into newspaper
10:43somewhere you know you ok
10:46you like is this year using this moment
10:49you know I so badly his own a wings
10:52yeah weird you deserve streams
10:56phone see images both no the the
11:00don't know with their arms utility people you know you both
11:04I'm you 34 is
11:073 Mobile through thin ice and flooding of New
11:11a this is one cannot locate the 3d modeler
11:15I'm so Kb like many guys the fall
11:18huge numbers is lost love removing programs
11:22hey you saw people in this has become a ninja
11:26within I'm movie paisa in everything looks ok
11:30look for I'm you do almost enough that this was going on
11:35miss olson's yes I'm this thing going for her
11:40and I just don't turn back yes it was a Ivan
11:43recent thousands of this have fun unfold
11:47which specialises in in ceramics I'm saying my husband is
11:51Sony is is maybe people as a physical
11:56back and back out into the world
12:00own good the the thunder and lighting
12:03of a we have space
12:06you from his I'm the hope is just called
12:10conceptualize stuff but to think about what what what
12:14could enough movie about what's happening
12:17thought and most his
12:20you know in wonder most he's doing
12:23him supplying doing
12:26where me know yes no what that means
12:31and if
12:37her long-running border
12:40who do you think and place looks
12:44things fluff things that we've from
12:47much about him this is
12:51on the visual images of me down don't think
12:54about this and a.m. because of business the pics
12:59I'm II cones even
13:03yes thought what I'm revisions
13:06okay field million people unit with a
13:10and the really clear mall all
13:14universe Wednesday technological
13:18use them
13:20you look intensity is
13:22you know that the as a and I'm
13:25I'm fast lane but we look at things like this misuses them
13:29you must consultancy sonogram
13:32the same themselves was blasphemous
13:36I'm and those this
13:39English mine I'm so moving around he's on
13:43to your document not be commercial harlem
13:47just just over here is very
13:51you i'm concerned. masses of
13:54just over this blog from voted on in this building although
13:59people here they gravesend from windows and
14:03members this fast
14:07something else what is what is going on yeah I'm
14:10because the not that was different
14:13and looks is excellent the month
14:17so some the research it turns out 10
14:21thanks and service I V the wall States Census and
14:26are reservist either the meeting was BS
14:30whether the big pipes from yeah and the spot
14:34this is news to me please London is that stay which is the third largest
14:38love you is that is and everything but
14:42come together in a small concentrations than that miss the
14:45an angel a
14:48and view of it too both
14:52and network access points isn't using while
14:55their lowest you big way on box
14:58so since Fri all so much fun to do
15:02is this because it for me this is
15:06what you see this where physician essences
15:09and only infrastructure that it does not want to be /c
15:13most people some security reason a
15:16and good this from OC
15:20I end up species of he said a few times
15:24develop a a
15:27and of actual however all
15:31fuller because the networks of home
15:35he's a are you physically stop consistent laws
15:38building but this consistent people on consistent fall off
15:43engineering both who was insolvency
15:47the network to but for this is
15:50should be up I'm
15:54is you know if you think back to the the ground public office of
15:58light breeze and by and
16:01and her the building but politics is done embassy
16:05most those functions that from places like this
16:08but they know door column Adams me
16:11no it doesn't a we've just feel about
16:15looking for you first
16:19I a photo looked
16:23essentially something that looks like solve the net I don't know
16:29were its response but I think it's a
16:32believe I'm I think a lot about
16:35about this list 30 sector network who says these things
16:400 place of in
16:44be looking for own a
16:48remarks in Seoul season so for
16:51thinking about missus is one of my favourite you next move
16:55who chose people life this issue
17:00mint building of both numbers
17:04unity quotes I'm gonna missus
17:07army from for first computers
17:11this is the any which is based for 2012
17:14be University of Pennsylvania a imminent
17:1840 up and her beautiful
17:22yeah so strangely was a very personal computer
17:25no above his home carry around with me
17:29yeah on I'm lose this is
17:33so woo you could injuries this
17:36she in work although poles and wires
17:40your the the disconnect yet
17:44things movement formed both whose
17:48confessions of I'm you have
17:51for this year's draft which is not
17:54I'm how we think computers in the network a
18:00investments was a.m. yes
18:03as SEC which is why we have selected sequence from
18:08up doing this is a little later I'm up
18:12but still very early mainframe this
18:15this is looking for yet from that moment
18:19from you assuming that I'm and a half
18:24own a I
18:27former before she so big of us on this vote
18:31opens you never columns say
18:35both photo many more would
18:38so you yeah believes you
18:42assumptions that it was also use
18:46so I'm you in fact a
18:49a in the no I it was used for
18:54first complete see see
18:57I'm okay I involved that's what love is
19:02only you develop for poking
19:05simulating both from you possible that knife
19:09so in the Middle Earth a
19:14government computer that is well
19:17sup in complete secrecy formulating
19:21equation for the from own
19:24is this completely visible
19:28and yes her your no one looking at this issue
19:33you know if a post on this is our with
19:36and user a doing something quite often strikes
19:40I'm visible not legible and in hong
19:43whole list still goes on as a
19:48very wonderful sequence a both go by
19:52for Sun Nov who I'm
19:55most walls of also
19:58be most buoyant and stuff well uses
20:02Suzanne focuses you
20:06against the laws morn luxury again
20:10so uses I'm you know
20:13a yeah food using function
20:17flu again way visible
20:21and and some
20:24Williams was impressed hopeful
20:28I'm and this is kinda well my famous
20:31is the origin how people think about this stuff
20:35I'm which is a stormy and do some
20:38up when he came up with some signs well-informed
20:42thinking about cyberspace might be yes causes of
20:45for he talks about how is was walking use
20:49time to think about where you set stories views
20:53wanna about the Suns that's what those boxes
20:57you tend to fall was
21:00more use into the Sun year
21:03about you such laws in this stuff
21:06so Yusuf used with some pics
21:10you know what is 2606
21:13was not above sauce it was a very interesting
21:17both people about me like thinking about much time salute fix
21:21says you buy some fish insects a result of power
21:26we're you know wall he so
21:30his think yeah overwhelm the
21:34make o'connor his or her intently
21:37he loves all in and
21:40he thought to serve the the they will be hosting this
21:44others but because emotions behind newsweek
21:48as over this other place somewhere and soon that's where ruling
21:53must decide if that isn't cyberspace
21:57but this machine doesn't ballroom who's we
22:00is this into this whole world
22:04a so yeah look for the signs these
22:09whether work is well that infrastructure he's
22:12what is this digital place
22:16this is a under sup I'm years ago
22:22about a few months though the organisms a
22:25this it was claimed the stand
22:29around a location installing I've
22:32some other the life and soul
22:36every single location I'm in Asia
22:40only thirties file on for doesn't get into a buttoned-up
22:45and this from both thunderstorms down I'm
22:48for it own his but I Yes No
22:52I was gonna be fucking foremost yet
22:55love over go this I got the sexes
22:59solution us phone me and suffered
23:03I do replete with them
23:07with a fenced-off like opens up
23:11and possibly make books and stuff physical as the you can
23:16it's a info and of
23:20is some a and
23:23I so I'm either his book which is a
23:27paid over everything so it wasn't just
23:32photo yup but who pays to be
23:35just other those is a page for the same day
23:39because year this is the map
23:42Monday 9th July and to
23:45well as both sometimes known so
23:49this issue here known this is the first time his home phone
23:54but looted want
23:58sleeping where I'm
24:01and that's all the places those those what a
24:05you see they're quite the light look like
24:08and this is what I wasn't expecting fun but I was making fun
24:12follows vocals assembled or my last year
24:16but what about you me with more
24:20this photo set points so the you
24:24like two hours these we is
24:27other they I'm
24:31what is what is going on yeah because I wasn't house in the countryside
24:35walking in my way so yeah
24:39of movement own the honus
24:42you seeing this other Dover
24:45is seeing the world in in a very different way
24:49suits is why I so love them
24:53because the phone is using post EPS
24:56on this post using so and for using
25:00I love my phone and
25:03and Foley much because guns faces previously
25:07so were as a false account imposed on me
25:11for the result is the same as strange file saw
25:15costumes the network them all is all
25:19that a different job figures Invisibles of
25:22both his phones himself he said
25:26to see through 1.1
25:30difficulty 20 I'm and there's a constant poses
25:35mediation life of have some
25:38supports them a
25:42and this is this is my favorite my baby
25:46this is the GPS I'm which is a
25:50network subplots closely want to go
25:54of Vostok I'm another his
25:58me few months los sapos wrapped around her
26:02gonna extended or ability to sense homo so
26:06wei-wei and stuff to me
26:10the for the largest doctors' me all the inside
26:14both physical and new did in time
26:18and who is on a bill clinton also overlapping
26:21feels you've got a super soft plastic
26:26I'm done and when we we will use
26:29those who love nothing it
26:32well is there not just phone
26:36that constantly met and other
26:39and thing around I'm
26:48whether humans is within this first
26:52this is a ozone living in sin
26:55she essentially ok this is what I'm her
26:59her use no will be for the rules make just but
27:03I'm you think those you constructed
27:07a to impress sense to you its visa
27:10somethin somethin bout yes you told the world
27:15amazing people with a his chest for us
27:19a a it was like the
27:22cause over there was a man thoughtful
27:26does in fact well so viewers space test players
27:30to are you so which is incredibly of defense of
27:35you open the windows to leave of medicines need to see
27:38for its offices in schools let me see
27:41820 movies like the other way for
27:45was slain but beware worth incredibly
27:48you that above
27:53early with something were I'm
27:56there's always someone inside you see
28:00no but but it doesn't mean machine
28:03that he has left the fat on the world you but
28:06unexpected consequences Louisville move me nothing
28:09involved same people's expectations
28:14I'm and as the Sun
28:17coming out the the same way in and
28:21free society a.m. I'm
28:24you think bill smoot of
28:27services up over the movie of mice and humans
28:31my he said I'm it just does
28:35love by
28:39for to labor of other people so if you
28:43you have money hi some you fucking
28:46for you then there's this this mod
28:50yes finance lol think
28:54is insanity is loosens you no
28:57social issues doesn't entirely address the
29:00take you there is no a a.m.
29:05and five of love I'm
29:09from buying office seems him
29:13sometimes and we're leaving Los Feliz
29:17%uh this is this is the end zone
29:20certain kind just love it and overseas
29:25and but fun up we need to think about what it means
29:30I'm doesn't just happen
29:34you can safe I'm
29:37this is I was in warehousing way few days
29:42this I'm
29:45and is up love warehouses in
29:49your and xanax Luna
29:53much business both teams are things me about space
29:58is a.m. is all this stuff
30:01I was there where it is this this warehouse
30:04to being over there organ so if you
30:08and if I wasn't the leaf
30:11really well just like those the optimized
30:16supplied where great
30:20both with a so your child's life
30:24yes of people were stuff
30:28I'm you have somebody goes left bill Voss with a bogey
30:33both up you know walking miles around the world
30:37get yes the lab
30:40and you all those things those
30:43post so visa this usually distributed across this way
30:48spas individual items all to human life completely mixed up
30:53it would to for what's mine and schools name
30:57so many individuals round which is really
31:00up baby USPS this place most
31:04on assesses you you have I
31:07human has no way of finding for
31:10he see simply through because you know I'm
31:14use movement I'm software does that this whole place
31:19I'm of and food partners many
31:23different way I'm stuff
31:27this home for safe so
31:30I'm and this is another good example and was
31:33I'm is the problem use the book
31:36food space by location most does
31:41who often use of there's
31:44a his yes I'm the
31:47I'm is what label overseas by
31:51people of that so
31:54if everything going for him to love you
31:57both a goes through you go for
32:00if the software this is just a bitch said
32:05is no a complete fails to be
32:08supposed the without
32:11without software as well as of that
32:14pose I'm but
32:18yup is moesha when I have
32:22concept is applicable to fall wind
32:25things than just of if very much everything you do
32:29me so I'm definitely
32:33those so and so miss you services
32:37but I'm
32:40and this is a win because I although Obama for
32:43I'm a by which I mean you possess
32:47excellent instrument 24 very poor
32:50freezes I think week
32:53worker house disclose things of 20
32:57only say what they do
33:00but his phone calls me experience all
33:03I'm go if I slovo 27 some
33:07century DD pictured here
33:10I've been so someone over their a and
33:14instantly and it's a bit like you know setting them up for spoke with her
33:19I'm home movies other no accidents there is a move over
33:26we don't how wages
33:30own both but I think we have photos
33:33in saint louis vuitton coming up through this
33:36a important featured these Netflix
33:41make you shop me is love
33:44but you plan for grams analysts
33:48doesn't know how even that meant was so for
33:52and something else stone network allows
33:55me this Jenny
33:58want to go
34:02I'm which is throwing I'm seeking
34:05you don't as both
34:09yeah yeah for
34:12both I remember it was the most significant number
34:18from movies I'm interested in go
34:21the husband a
34:26think individuals view them as million from going just
34:30about from with take you St in
34:34in life military and civilian I'm invested
34:39to push through surveillance via tape
34:42and its his feet rubles I'm
34:46powerful eventually
34:50in some way strong relationship between
34:53you views the absurd
34:56was find yummy says
35:00so it I'm 15th no she's
35:03I'm systems book is what they say Olathe
35:07vatz you mood doing
35:11he finds and you find
35:14people voting technology and a.m.
35:18we switch we haven't seen some them
35:21with a lot since slashing mill
35:24love Denver stimuli
35:27his own group of the bed I'm
35:31I so is up so
35:34I'm interested in looking at why the things that is serving
35:39and I think the settlers is on the network this
35:42invisibility miss the louver hope stage
35:45so easy things like this I'm
35:48his a few weeks though
35:51in Istanbul I'm & Soffa alone
35:55well a take history
35:59up so love the book sOooo test for
36:04like low far away you think is a
36:07because we don't see they're going to happen
36:11very very far away from as you have that as you want
36:15scenes in in reality from I'm
36:18he says I have no idea how big the
36:21open this to
36:25most up both buttons
36:28I'm US a
36:31you government 0
36:34but this is is a process is attempting to make these things visible
36:38level 2 to understand what book hopefully avoid
36:43I'm working with the same
36:46make him see what happens when does
36:54a his move all what technologies deliveries
36:58buildings for on one world's been is you
37:02and I'll mapping huge mouse
37:05stuff in I into the network
37:09and our bus does and
37:12it those viewers from Fulham's as
37:15we on us that's why I'm always interest
37:18in technology the you will get in this fight
37:22about whether there's anything genuinely you here
37:25all-weather lifeboat was there is nothing new under the Sun
37:29and i think is again will call this I'm
37:33I think that a the technology
37:36I love Jenni do you think
37:40home but I think reveals you for
37:44just because there's nothing you want something no
37:47me know if you see anything before yeah
37:50staring you so not forgetting
37:53purses me invisible about so
37:56the my life presidency is and
38:00to you owns mapping lower lip seal
38:04his own thing to make this for
38:09a which is a expose
38:14landscape images publication funds for
38:17in some more %um
38:20currently be going motivation you know
38:25a person's
38:28Thrones on you
38:32I'm because these on Zealand's
38:34you about life a
38:37be I'm unfairly like
38:40go a I love you don't
38:44own so we hear about this place
38:47but we don't see them yeah at the same time reusing
38:50technology phone Wilson who tells you to see
38:53has been from bath me when those two things
38:58and some of those alone a
39:01only needs to the technologies
39:04so as well misleading these
39:08the the lesbos technologies
39:11work site let you in as mobile phones
39:14and there's this flying death robots on this phone
39:18them a it's time for a sec
39:22and these things happen involving from a
39:26though media has its own way speaking about the same
39:29and if you pull those things together and speak about these things
39:33I think of their to do so in love with me
39:37so miss on and
39:40was listening to upset place to live getting
39:45amazing your book insurance
39:49and yes and who they suspect you know if it's very interested in
39:54imposes the buses jobs faces strange
39:57faces externally zones from special
40:01economic zone for you every severe
40:05where because the spent fuel pools left do something
40:08his I'm who are you
40:13the normal legal say don't think I'm get something done
40:17I'm a any
40:20States these places contain love this kind of content
40:24natural affinity if when we go so here
40:28because the place the same myself Safeway myself
40:32stock markets in the same I'm discipline face-off
40:36I'm that mass index that husband
40:39safe 0 I am what he said about some interesting how
40:43about how you know we can do most things in the space
40:48well this is not something that is that you've done of
40:51people something that well as follows: all she feels about this
40:56this fight studies overseas matrix is the world's
41:00he said user I'm another
41:03die done sounds was ago you talk about dark matter
41:08I'm Dark Matters and everything that is in
41:11brits who will lead to stop around set
41:17invisible I'm anything with a
41:20of text me so making fifty-cent
41:23walls saw looking at what the hell
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41:34about placing change neither I think possible within
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41:56a lose value fees have been saying
41:59and we've known for quite some time
42:04he said building there are those who say
42:07of but something else strange things happening both
42:12movement and the back and forth between
42:15changes of a
42:19and and the the shared cooperation
42:23you know of both
42:26do mold I'm and where we should be doing
42:30his these from in sections
42:33these places where we can just see the sea visit from his
42:37and for some understand my I'm
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43:51the around mid 90s
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45:23so probably go growth damn yeah
45:26here the ground on the federal government
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45:4630 yes that will work was
45:50own as opposed to move on you
45:54you know FB waiting for a response Houston
45:59his it's always been Street I which is
46:03classified a also is home exhibition
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46:11story old-school loss friend
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46:19you go to work through Houston's so
46:22so I hope but thats those butterflies
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46:30for those who its is instead of course law
46:34online and this is me the context in which stop
46:37misuse of I'm bus attack
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46:45no and I is
46:49got to go home
46:53this thing that done work for buster yeah
46:56research me as most def them since
46:59loan book you future genuinely
47:03investment this gonna those up you've missed a nice thing
47:07and all the information be available month sometime and life just like that
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47:50well you are cheap rooms was full
47:54your circa yourself this is something
47:57the you especially also you know how people react to it
48:01strangers I'm
48:04yeah over those a
48:08for new II well put it out
48:11I'm lookin you know up
48:14so us and
48:18you to inspect detention
48:21I does not fit fun UK bus stop guessing
48:25a who looks at you
48:28long most system though here
48:31I'm these ones who owns the phone number
48:34blissful a.m. they come out of them
48:37for compiles me said I'm
48:41I J who've day
48:47I'm the analysis yeltsin's
48:51LifeBook Google's all said workers
48:57works with the making of a nice
49:01our you up bring it out in public over
49:06were important phones I'll
49:13so with clay your iPhone funny
49:18ride of
49:23clay done anything exam
49:27me identifiers I'd
49:31I'm take for
49:34course first of official recognition for you so
49:37and is is are about to implement both
49:41this massive though if Billy
49:44interesting stuff around a.m. I'm hoping you'll
49:49the nathan is
49:52here yes hiding from it
49:56I'm the this again that's the thing that's coming
50:00living on was so here
50:03I know conclusively whether the death months you know
50:08recognition stuff going yes
50:11are you invest up
50:16also still is something my and only you
50:21stop I'm but
50:24you know I Facebook a civilian
50:28those all but instead
50:34what they want a thank you
50:38I mean yeah
50:45a a lotta his
50:51world he
51:06to move this case like this cement I'm
51:10the quest
51:13I'll see you
51:18think we do actually Moss
51:22yet I'm agreement same
51:25aunt in the also for
51:31and but through back yet with so
51:35previous the us good
51:38to me stop is so
51:42vote and sense for and were
51:45excellent figures out better marketplace
51:50I'm about you know movies
51:53so I'm you I'm if there was a better more
51:57place for information there was a way to we can northbound
52:0120 value